June 9, 2008

Towards Pattern-based Reasoning for Friendly Ontology Debugging

Mustafa Jarrar and Stijn Heymans: Towards Pattern-based Reasoning for Friendly Ontology Debugging. Journal of Artificial Intelligence Tools. Volume 17. No.4. World Scientific Publishing. August 2008.
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Abstract. The goal of this article is to formalize Object Role Modeling (ORM) using the DLR description logic. This would enable automated reasoning on the formal properties of ORM diagrams, such as detecting constraint contradictions and implications. In addition, the expressive, methodological, and graphical capabilities of ORM make it a good candidate for use as a graphical notation for most description logic languages. In this way, industrial experts who are not IT savvy will still be able to build and view axiomatized theories (such as ontologies, business rules, etc.) without needing to know the logic or reasoning foundations underpinning them. Our formalization in this paper is structured as 29 formalization rules, that map all ORM primitives and constraints into DLR, and 2 exceptions of complex cases. To this end, we illustrate the implementation of our formalization as an extension to DogmaModeler, which automatically maps ORM into DIG and uses Racer as a background reasoning engine to reason about ORM diagram.

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